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Termite Protection

Termites are known for entirely and quickly destroying structures, including your lovely home. Unfortunately, most damage is identified after a wide spread invasion. This includes eaten wood structures and other materials, but worry not, Tulipest provides control measures that will protect your home for months. Our annual  protection plan guarantees no termites all-year round!!

Tulipest also offers the most advanced cutting-edge solutions to protect your home from termites. We offer:

  • Site visits and termite inspection

  • Installation of eco-friendly termite protection systems that guard your home

  • On going visits and all-year round maintenance 


Get Started With Termite Today

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Termite Protection

  • Thorough inspection to identify level of termite population and potential termite breeding sites

  • Monthly treatments during termite season – no treatments outside of season

  • Termite treatment begins working immediately and lasts for weeks between services

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Need a Quotation?

  • Cost is calculated based on a requested service, distance from home office and treatment coverage area

  • Get a free cost estimate by calling us on 334-531-3286

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