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About Us

TuliPest is a leading Industrial and Commercial Pest Control Company in the US South, largely operating in Montgomery, Auburn, Pike Road, Lake Martin and Prattville. We are in the business of fighting pests! As licensed and insured pest control experts, we are proudly serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients with a wide range of pest, mosquito and termite control services in these areas. Irritated by pests! Worry no more. Tulipest is at your service. 

At Tulipest, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional, affordable, reliable and effective long term pest control solutions to your pest problem. Endowed with new ideas, new methods and exceptional customer service, we are your go-to pest control company! We have a passionate, professional and a tailor-made touch to your pest control problem while  putting our clients first! We apply eco-friendly and cutting-edge pest control solutions that will put your mind at ease and make your home or business premises safe from pests and enjoyable to live and work.

Our qualified and certified staff are committed to determining your needs, responding to all your questions, and setting up service visits that suit your schedule. Give us a call today! We'll find the best solution to your pest problem while providing exceptional customer service - you will know pests no more! Trust us with the safety of your premises! At Tulipest we care! 

Tulipest Control - Exceptional Services, Affordable Costs!

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Being a locally owned and operated pest control company, we deliver effective and long-lasting services to eliminate and prevent pesky pests from invading your property again. In addition, we are committed to providing integrated pest control to residential, commercial and industrial clients by using eco-friendly and cutting-edge methods and technologies.

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To be the leading pest control provider with exceptional services, at an affordable cost, while meeting our corporate social responsibility in our community and in the world:- to improve the lives of people in our communities, especially children with special needs.

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